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How to create web farm?

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  • How to create web farm?

    Hi all,

    Please I need to cretae Web Farm for our eshop. I have 2 windows 2003 standart server for IIS and 1 windows 2003 standar for images and 1 windows 2003 standart for SQL.

    Now I am using DNS load balancing, but this solution is not fail over.

    I am thinking about NLB technology, but I dont know if it is reliable.

    Is NLB right technology for my web?

    Each server has got 2 NICs. There are 2 sunbnets, one conected to CISCO PIX and internet, and for LAN. Our cusotmers view our web through CISCO. WEB server comunicating with SQL through LAN.

    Please can anybody consult it with me?


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    Re: How to create web farm?

    Me again

    I tried to configure NLB on web1 and web2 in VmWare and I have some question.
    This site helped me.,00.html

    Everything i did is in my testing enviroment in vmware.

    So I have configured NLB on interfaces that are connected to the CISCO and then to the internet. I am using multicast with IGMP. But I cannot see in NLB manager both hosts. On web1 server I can see only web1 and on web2 i can se only web2

    How can I control both host from one NLB manager like on this site?

    When web1 and web2 are configured as domain controlers it works. But i dont want have active directory on my web servers.

    When I run NLB manager, connect to the existing cluster (web) then I can see this report:

    NLB manager session started
    loading configuration from web1
    loading configuration from web2 (on this step it freeze)

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      Re: How to create web farm?

      So problem with NLB manager is solved. It dont work only in vmware. I think it can be problem of IGMP support in VMWARE.