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problem whit roaming profile in XP Hebrew

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  • problem whit roaming profile in XP Hebrew

    Hi All,

    I'm having problems whit roaming profiles and Hebrew. The problem starts when the I setup a new roaming profile for a user that is using Hebrew XP.
    When I configure the profile the desktop folder is set to "sholchan avoda" (שולחן עבודה) ...
    when the user try to login into a computer whit an English XP he gets a "cleen" desktop (all his files and Shortcuts are in this profile folder named in Hebrew)...

    Who can I set the default name of the Desktop & my documents to be in English even when I'm using XP hebrew?


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    Re: problem whit roaming profile in XP Hebrew

    I really don't think it is a good idea to mix environments in different languages. I think you should prevent that from your users.
    One thing you can try to do is Folder Redirection for the Desktop. I never worked with mixed environment, so I am not sure it will solve your problem. But give it a try.

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