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Application in Startup doesn't load properly.

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  • Application in Startup doesn't load properly.

    One of my users has a server which runs an application located in the Startup folder. He tells me that when he reboots the server, the application is supposed to pickup the Server name but it doesn't. He then needs to logoff and back on again as the same user to get past the issue. If the application does not pickup the correct server name it fails to start.

    The server is set to auto logon using svc_xfp as the username. The application is a production application which is supplied by a 3rd party supplier.

    The user tells me that if he "delays the start of the application" (I'm enquiring on how he is doing this), it works fine. When run manually, the app works fine. The server is not a DC but is in the AD.

    Anyone know what's going on?
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    Re: Application in Startup doesn't load properly.

    It may be that the network connection is not completely loaded when the autologon occurs. Try setting the "always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" Group Policy setting to force the network connection to load completely before the autologon occurs. It sounds like an old application that needs to find the server NetBIOS name in order to run. I once saw an accounting software that did this. I think it was FAS by BestSoftware.