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restructuring LAN services...

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  • restructuring LAN services...

    We need to restructuring LAN services. Entire LAN currently have:
    1. one subnet
    2. 240 host
    3. nt 4.0 dc and bdc
    4. exchange 5.5
    5. no firewall...

    I want to upgrade entire system from base to server 2003, newer version ISA&Exchange server and to divide one subnet to two subnet...Here is picture my new topology:

    If you think that something is wrong please tell me what.

    with regards...

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    Re: restructuring LAN services...

    Picture is not visible..........
    Kapil Sharma
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      Re: restructuring LAN services...

      Picture is visible here -- check your browser settings
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        Re: restructuring LAN services...

        Originally posted by kapilsharma11 View Post
        Picture is not visible..........
        It takes a while to open. I do so hate imageshack hosted images and getting all the crap windows opening. Would have been just as easy to upload the file to here.
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          Re: restructuring LAN services...

          As far as domain/exchange is concerned, there are two ways as follows:

          1. You can create new structre and migrate the objects from older one (I would recommend this one only).

          2. Second is upgradation of the existing one.

          For the first scenario go as below:

          a. Create a new root domain and child domain (ADCs can be introduced for redundancy).

          b. Configure the DNS properly.

          c. Install Exchange as per your requirment (obviously it involves the steps like forest and domain prep.)

          d. Configure GPOs and other security options as per your requirment.

          e. Establish trust relationship.

          f. Use ADMT to migrate the objects in respective domains.

          g. First migrate couple of users and computers only. Migrate others once you are sure that new users and computers are behaving as expected.

          h. Plan all the GPOs, DNS settings and other imortent stuff in advance.

          As i can see in the figure that you have single phisical location so you do not need to worry much about sites and subnet configuratio.

          As far as ISA is concerned, I do not have much idea about that.
          Kapil Sharma
          Life is too short, Enjoy It.


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            Re: restructuring LAN services...

            I know quite a lot about ISA server but i've a few questions:

            I don't understand you're switch setup.
            It's quite important to know because of ISA.
            Is it just one ISA or an ISA cluster (i asume one ISA server)

            Can you make a layer 2 and a layer 3 drawing without the clients and stuff.
            That isn't important for me I need a a drawing which explains the routing and the physical connections of the switches.
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