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Product Key Problem... Has this happened to you?

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  • Product Key Problem... Has this happened to you?

    Has this ever happened to you?

    I have a licensed copy of SBS 2000, already tested in a machine. I changed the motherboard some 2 weeks ago and when I tried to reinstall this SBS, it rejected the product key! (Yes, the one in the little sticker on the case). I'm really puzzled, because this copy had installed flawlessly in the same machine, and all the letters came out right on the screen when I typed them! (thinking about possible keyboard trouble).

    Does anybody have an idea of what might be happening?

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    I have never had that issue before. My adivise is simply to contact Microsoft


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      Something similar happened to me.

      When you activate win xp and above, Microsoft takes note of all the serial numbers of your hardware. If you format your computer and reinstall that windows product with no hardware changes, it will work fine. If you do the same but changed your motherboard it will not work. Microsoft notices you have a different serial number that the first time you installed it.

      I had to call and explain to Microsoft that my server had a hardware problem and I needed to get another server backup ASAP. They gave me a new set of numbers and it worked fine.

      A year or so ago I had a win xp computer's HDD crash. I had to purchase a new HDD and re-install win xp. This problem happened and I had to call Microsoft. They were able to tell me that I had a diff HDD and the make and model of the old and new HDD! I installed a 120 day trial of Server 2003 on a spare computer. Two days later Microsoft calls me wanting to know if I want to purchase that copy of server 2003!

      Big brother is watching close.