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Setup Windows 2003 Server

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  • Setup Windows 2003 Server

    I am going to setup a Windows 2003 server and update it. I would like to know how to setup AD correctly and DNS. I have a Google apps account which I have my domain with. I have tried this before but have run into problems. I also have a Linksys router because I do no have a static IP and I do not have enough money to spend monthly. I would also like to know when I am done how to configure my router to my domain controller. So when I am out I like to be able to VPN into the server to do maintenance work. I also would like to know what type of book I should read to help me understand better windows 2003.

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    Re: Setup Windows 2003 Server

    First question

    How to install AD

    For your second question you will need to create a dynamic dns account with someone like
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      Re: Setup Windows 2003 Server

      deadlink for the first


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        Re: Setup Windows 2003 Server

        Their is a Dead link on how to install


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          Re: Setup Windows 2003 Server

          Try the link now.
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