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    i want to setup NLB for my 2 T/S.
    do i need 2 NIC's in every machine to setup NLB or 1 NIC is enough?


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    Re: NLB for TS

    First of all, it would be nice if you would have told us what OS are your servers running. NLB can be implemented on both 2000 and 2003, but it would have narrowed the issue.
    Anyway, NLB can be implemented with one NIC, under certain limitations. Excerpt from How To Configure Network Load Balancing Parameters in Windows Server 2003 :
    IMPORTANT: You may have a problem if you are working from a computer that has a single network adaptor that is bound to Network Load Balancing in Unicast mode. You cannot use Network Load Balancing Manager on this computer to configure and manage other hosts because a single network adapter in Unicast mode cannot have intra-host communication. However, you can communicate with computers that are outside the cluster.
    I had an article that described why one should use two NICs, but cannot find at the moment. I am certain Yuval will be able to give you better references.
    Another article I would suggest you see is Network Load Balancing Technical Overview. Relevant if you are using Server2003. Or, if you're using Windows Server 2000, see Using Terminal Server with Windows Load Balancing Service.
    Good luck.

    Sorin Solomon

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