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Publish a shared folder

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  • Publish a shared folder

    I have Win 2003 Std Server as domain controller.
    I want to simply publish a shared folder, but I want also every user that login the domain automatically have this folder mapped as network drive without making a simple click.
    When the users login they must see under the "My Computer" except the drive "c:" the floppy and the cd rom the mapped network drive as for example Z: drive, but without searche on their own and do that manually.
    The users have Win XP SP2 Pro.
    I make the shared folder and I place the folder into the OU.
    Please help.
    Thank you

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    Re: Publish a shared folder

    You could either set the Z:\ as the home drive with the shared folder path configured as the home folder path or you could just have a logon script (my preferred option) that maps the shared folder to the drive letter Z:\.

    Batch File (save as .bat extension)

    net use Z: \\server\share
    Visual Basic File (save as .vbs extension)

    Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network") 
    objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "Z:" , "\\server\share"
    To use the home folder you probably need to do a batch modify of your current user objects and for existing objects create a template account to copy. For bulk modifying for active directory have a look at AD Toolkit
    MCSA 2000/2003