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PPPOE Server on 2003 Server

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  • PPPOE Server on 2003 Server

    Hello Every One,

    The situation that I have is as follows:

    I have a 2003 server set up as a NAT router for the internet, I have setup
    a RAS using PPPOE on that server, everything is ok and the users are able to dial in to my server using PPPOE clients on their computers, but the problem is that the server will allow only 10 users in on time to access it,
    I've checked the properties of the LAN card that I setup as the RAS adaptor (the one that the incoming calls pass through it) and I found only 10 ports open for it, when I try to increase the number of ports, the server would not allow me as the maximum number of ports is 10, so can anyone help out here please, I need to know how to increase the number of ports available to allow more users to dial in at the same time.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help, its very important to me to have an answer as soon as poosible.

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    NAT/DHCP Address..........

    To quote Microsoft:

    "When configured to obtain addresses for distribution from a DHCP server, the remote access server obtains a block of 10 addresses upon startup. The remote access server then uses the first of these addresses for itself and assigns subsequent addresses to TCP/ IP-based remote access clients as they connect. When more than 10 IP addresses are needed at any given time, the remote access server obtains more blocks of 10 addresses as needed. If a DHCP server is not available when Routing And Remote Access is started, the remote access client instead assigns itself an address within the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) range from through This range normally does not allow connectivity to the remote access network."
    Copyright © Microsoft® Press 2004.

    Hope this helps