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  • Network.Load.Balancing.on.Domain.Controller

    Situation: AD 2003, 1,500 XP Clients. LAN backbone: 100mbit.

    I have 4 DCs, each of the DC has 6 Intel NICs.

    Wish: Bind all the NICs on the each DC together to take advantage of the bandwidth

    Past Solution: Guy (Antidot) suggested me to use Intel Proset software to team the NICs together. That was a great solution if STP ( Spanning Tree Protocol ) was not enabled on my network. So it was a dream.

    Current study: Network Load Balancing: I read the help for network load balancing and it says that I can use it on a server with multiple NICs. But it just mentions about the benefit of using NBL for IIS and other applications. It doesn't mention anything about the benefit of using NBL with Active Directory.


    1. I would like to ask if any one has used NLB on Domain Controller. If yes, please tell me about your experience.

    2. Is it a good idea if a DC is multi-home?

    3. I use Ghost to deploy images to the clients. So I understand the concept of broadcast, multicast, and unicast. In the help for Network Load Balancing, I see it mentions about the mode to use: multicast and unicast. I would like to know if it works the same with Ghost. If not please tell me what the difference is.

    Thanks alot for helping.