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AD client access

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  • AD client access

    I have an AD domain with 2 sites, central and branch office connected with VPN IPsec GW to GW
    Central site (default first site name) win2k3 r2 64bit is GC DC DNS DHCP DFS with exchange 2007 server installed the subnet of this site is:
    Branch office site (office B) Win2k3 r2 32bit is GC DC DNS DHCP the subnet of this site is
    All the replies of GC are correct the DNS resolutions are correct.... i have this problem
    In site and services i have the two sites associated with the subnet
    when i try to connect on shared folder in central site server with client in barnch office site i'm not able to open the resource ant the outlook client is not able to connect on exchange server
    when i try to do the same thing on branch office server it's all right and i'm able to open shared folder on serve in central side.
    in event viewer security on DC in central site i can't see the logon/logoff to the client in branch office site.
    I need help to resolve this thing.

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    Re: AD client access

    Branch office clients are logging into AD?
    Are branch office clients able to ping the central office server? Can the central office server ping branch clients?
    What is the difference in IP addressing/configuration between the branch ofice server and branch office clients?
    I don't know anything about (you or your) computers.
    Research/test for yourself when listening to free advice.