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Internet Connection problem on Win 2K3 server (Event_ID: 1053)

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  • Internet Connection problem on Win 2K3 server (Event_ID: 1053)


    I have a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP 1 which acts as a domain controller (along with 3 other DCs) in our domain. This server is neither the Operations Master, nor a DNS server, nor a DHCP server nor the Global Catalog.

    The server is currently having a problem with the internet connection. I am not able to browse through any web sites even when the server is connected to the internet ( I can see the packets being sent and recieved and the network cable also works fine. ). When I try to browse through any web site in returns a page not found error.

    The event logs show the following error:

    " Event_ID: 1053
    Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. (Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. ). Group policy processing aborted. "

    This server is configured to use the primary DNS server of our domain and it seemz to be working fine as well coz when I do a nslookup, it shows me the correct results. The network card drivers are up to date as well.

    When I restart the server though, the internet starts working on the server and I can browse through web sites, but the next day the internet stops working again on the server and I need to restart the server to get it up again.

    Could anyone help me out with this problem??

    - Ashok

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    Re: Internet Connection problem on Win 2K3 server (Event_ID: 1053)

    here is what i get for basic resolutions to this error log...

    Event ID 1053 - Userenv

    Symptoms: your w2k/xp clients may receive this Event ID 1053 - Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. (<error description>). Group Policy processing aborted. Or error: "The specified user does not exist."

    Resolutions: 1. Make sure that your internal DNS server is the server for the domain you are logging in to.
    2. Verify the DNS Settings. This will occur if your DNS server is unable to resolve information about your domain.
    3. Delete the problem computer from DNS records and re-create it.
    what is the result of a 'dcdiag /sOMAIN /v'

    what about a netdiag?


    compare the results to a working DC.

    try adding a host record.

    try specifying an alternate DNS server with manual configuration;,

    nslookup on your DCs, and on external domains...

    good luck!
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      Re: Internet Connection problem on Win 2K3 server (Event_ID: 1053)

      You don't mention if you are using a proxy server? If all you have is a router between your internal network and the internet then you will need to set the gateway of the server's NIC to the router. It should work then.

      If you do have a proxy, then you should have IE proxy settings set to that server. Make sure your DNS settings are pointing either to an internal DNS server or the router. Do not put your ISP's DNS settings on your server!
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