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Event Log management

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  • Event Log management

    Hi All,

    I am currently looking into 'Centralised' Event log management.

    Our company policy states that ALL windows, Cisco and Apple server Event logs have to be checked each and every morning.

    Basically, for a windows box, the Application and System logs have to be viewed manually for any warnings or errors that have cropped up since the day before. There are currently 50+ servers and growing.

    This is a TEDIOUS process, but has saved our bacon in the past. I am looking to streamline it and was wondering if anyone had any experience of any systems that could assist us with this? (It takes a good couple of hours somedays)

    I am looking for someway of running a daily report that would just tell us what Boxes had errors/ warnings etc. A sort of one-stop-shop for event logs.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated!

    Cheers all
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    Re: Event Log management

    There are a ton of third party programs that can do this for you. Try googling "event log management". There are several free programs, one of them being Splunk at that you can try if you have a linux or unix box to run it on.