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Server hangs on shutdown or reboot

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  • Server hangs on shutdown or reboot

    I have a Win2K server that is a DC in a very small domain. It is running Exchange 2K and SQL server. I have removed all unnecessary software and run Windows Updates.

    The problem is that it will not shut down or reboot. When I tell it to reboot it says "Windows is shutting down" then "Saving your settings" then the monitor goes blank but does not turn off. All of the lights stay on the server. The HD activity lights tick for a few secs then go off. At this point it will sit all day. The only way out is a hard reboot. When it boots up it is normal and there are no errors in the logs.

    If I boot up in safe mode it will then reboot normally. I spent half of the day with Dell running diagnostics and they say that the hardware is fine.

    This is in a remote location and is a 5 hour drive from me. I need to be able to reboot remotely.

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    Re: Server hangs on shutdown or reboot

    Have all the drivers been installed, especially the motherboard/chipset ones and I do mean the latest ones?
    Has any management software been installed? Was it installed correctly?
    When did this problem start happening?
    What does the Event Logs say?
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      Re: Server hangs on shutdown or reboot

      Everything is current. It is a Dell Poweredge 2600, so not a new machine. I have run the poweredge updater which updated all drivers and firmware. I have also downloaded and installed the ATI video driver from Dell. The only management software is Dell's Open Manage. I do not know how long this has been happening. We have taken over this client from another IT vendor. The event logs do not show anything. It sees it as a complete shutdown. There are no system crash reports.


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        Re: Server hangs on shutdown or reboot

        hmmm.... i can tell you that exchange and windows have differing timeout values as far as shutdown is concerned.

        if i just select "shutdown" without stopping the exchange services, it takes almost 20 minutes to reboot the server.

        that is why i have a little batch file to start and stop services prior to a reboot.
        net stop MSExchangeES
            net stop IMAP4Svc
            net stop POP3Svc
            net stop RESvc
            net stop MSExchangeSRS
            net stop MSExchangeMGMT
            net stop MSExchangeMTA
            net stop MSExchangeIS   /Y
            net stop MSExchangeSA   /Y
        and to restart services (if need be), this is the order that they should be restarted in (assuming you have to, which you shouldnt):
        net start MSExchangeES
            net start IMAP4Svc
            net start POP3Svc
            net start RESvc
            net start MSExchangeSRS
            net start MSExchangeMGMT
            net start MSExchangeMTA
            net start MSExchangeIS   /Y
            net start MSExchangeSA   /Y
        give that a try before rebooting the server in question. it may or may not work, but its free to try...

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