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Removing Live communication 2005 schema?

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  • Removing Live communication 2005 schema?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I didnt't know where to put it.

    A while back we were trialling live communication server 2005. Due to a server failure it is no longer operational, and it just got put on the back burner until 2007 came out to try.

    The thing is, obviously the server was not deactivated the proper way, so there is still all the 2005 schema / settings etc. Is there any way to remove this?

    I am planning on bringing up a server with the same name/ip address and installing version 2007, would it work just overwriting the old stuff with the new install?

    I am confused with how to proceed


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    Re: Removing Live communication 2005 schema?

    AFAIK you cannot remove schema objects, you can only disable them.

    I think you should be OK installing a new server with 2007 and updaing the schema with the 2007 changes. But I wouldn't want to try using the same name / ipaddress unless you know for sure the server has been removed from AD successfully.

    P.s. Next time I would install LCS in a test / uat environment before releasing into prod.

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      Re: Removing Live communication 2005 schema?

      Well I tested this out on our test domain and it seemed to just overwrite the old settings, and the new installaton seemed to work fine.

      I then did this on the domain, and nothing seems to have changed? I ran lcscmd to test the schema and it says everything is fine?


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        Re: Removing Live communication 2005 schema?

        OK so it's installed and working well. I still need to deactivate 'Live communicator address' from the schema though.

        I am using the downloadable communicator evaluation, but it shows no way to upgrade it with a purchased license key, so it will just run out after a certain periood of time?

        How would you add your purchased key to the client? thanks