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w2k server DNS problem?

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  • w2k server DNS problem?

    Problem i have is that computer donít find companies webpage. We ordered webpage and let it put to outside webserver, not in our server. Our domen was directed to new servers address. Sou when i log in to our server and open our webpage, it works. But when i log to usual pc it sais, that this address could not be found. I use every pc-s dns same as servers DNS. When i change pc-s DNS to my ISP-s DNS, then i can open our webpage from pc. But then outlook and other action in connection with server (shared folders, logging, printer sharing) wount work. Actually it works but logging to pc is wery slow (about 5 minutes), printing and foldres diconnect continiously.

    When i put back servers DNS address, then everything but opening the webpage is working.

    I guess i have to reconfigure servers DNS or WINS? They were configured before me. Do I have to configure server that it redirect every request for homepage outside server?

    I have windows 2000 server with working DHCP, DNS, WINS, client computers are windows xp. I also have working IIS, i have one other webpage in my server. Maybe it prevents showing companies webpage? But when i turn off IIS it wount work also.

    I have also exchange server and same domen in ending of email as webpage.

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    i figured it out

    i folllowed the instruction:

    Go into your DNS manager, select your server and domain, and then select forward lookup zones.

    On the right, right click and create a new Host.

    Call this www and put in the IP address of your external Web Page.

    You might have to refresh the sever cache, and enter the following commands at the command line to get it working right away:

    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /registerdns