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Can ext. USB HD change SBS2K3 drive letters?

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  • Can ext. USB HD change SBS2K3 drive letters?

    I have a SBS 2K3 server with Drives C: D: and E: already assigned.
    There is one Ext hard drive (HD-1) in one of the USB ports (works fine). This has drive letter U: assigned.

    Now, when I attach a 2nd USB formatted (HD-2) to the server, it keeps giving me an error with "device not recognized". I tried everything, and i could not get it to work.

    I unplugged HD-1, and then reattached HD-2 and guess what? HD-2 works fine.
    I then reattached HD-1, and this causes HD-2 to mess up, the drive then becomes not recognized etc etc... and HD-1 becomes operational.

    So i decide to only leave HD-2 attached for backup purposes.

    Now my big question is:
    Could this problem between these two HD cause one of my other partitioned drive letters to change automatically?
    What happened is, drive E: suddenly became drive F: and that messed up everything on the server.
    I'm almost 95% sure i did not manually change drive E: to F: and i'm trying to find out if a communication problem between HD-1 and 2 caused the E: drive to change to F: or if SBS has a bug. Is this possible???
    Anyone experienced this before?


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    Re: Can ext. USB HD change SBS2K3 drive letters?

    Did you try going into disk management and manually changing the drive letters to something else??