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Domain access problem

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  • Domain access problem

    Hi All,

    I have a windows Server 2003 domain which recently will not let me access the domain correctly. By this i mean the following:

    I add a laptop to the domain, restart the laptop and login to the server. By the time i get through admin tools and attempt to add the person's username to the administrators group (so that they have full admin rights) the domain has disappeared from the list. Also the domain admins that are set as default show the long ID string instead of the user name, as if the information has not been handed down from the domain.
    I can still access the servers fine (by browsing the IP number), i can print etc. I just cannot get the laptop to login to the domain using the persons AD login.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Domain access problem

    It sounds as if you have some major DNS issues
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      Re: Domain access problem

      Hi, thanks for the reply, would demoting and rebuilding the domain be a wise move? It is only a small network of about 12 users which wouldn't take long to rebuild.
      I would assume that would correct any DNS issues? As i would have to set things up again from scratch?



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        Re: Domain access problem

        I wouldn't rebuild right away..
        What does the eventviewers say?
        what does dcdiag say?
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          Re: Domain access problem

          could be DNS. have you tried doing nslookup?
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            Re: Domain access problem

            As mentioned earlier, this does sound like a DNS problem, try running the below to perform a DNS test using netdiag.exe (located in Windows 2003 Server Resource Kit) and to test connection to a domain controller within your domain

            netdiag /test:dns 
            netdiag /d:<domain name>
            If any errors are returned you may run the fix parameter to attempt to resolve this issue

            netdiag /fix
            To verify DNS and Active Directory, you could perform the following steps:

            Verify the domain configuration, Ensure your domain is correctly named in the Active Directory Users and Computers Console Tree and the computer objects for the domain controllers are in the Domain Controllers organisational unit.

            To confirm DNS configuration check your Forward Lookup Zones and view the resource records have been created. If these have not been created you may restart Netlogon service to see if these are created, if not check the Netlogon log file %windir%\system32\config\netlogon.dns for any error messages (I would check this file anyway). To verify DNS intergration with Active Directory select properties for the zone from Forward Lookup Zones, ensure the Type is Active Directory Intergrated Zone, ensure Secure Dynamic Updates and Load Zone Data on startup are selected.
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              Re: Domain access problem

              Thanks for the replies guys.

              Dcdiag did give an error but now seems to run smoothly.
              Netdiag runs ok, it only seems to error on the ISP's external dns servers, saying that DNS entries for this DC are not correctly registered on them and to wait 30 mins for the DNS server replication.

              On my network card on the PDC i have :
              Gate: (this is a firewall)




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                Re: Domain access problem

                Oh dear,

                On nslookup the following message appeared:

                Can't find server name for address Non existant domain
                Default Server: Unknown

                Not sure exactly what this means but i guess its not good. Any ideas on a fix??