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  • Arcserve - append to media

    I am using Arcserve 11.5 and cannot seem to get the append to media working right. I am using an LTO autoloader with 8 tapes. I have set up a job that is a rotation (incremental M-Thur, full Fri) and set rotation rule to append. (no GFS). Had a media pool with all the tapes included.

    The medai pool setup I am not sure about as I am having trouble grasping the concepts there. But retention time is set at 21 days (I know it may be wrong),
    minimum in save set 0.

    I want to basically go from tape to tape, filling up each one as much as possible.

    - Does the min. in save set and retention time matter if append is used?
    - When I assign the job, I assign the destination as the media pool, correct?
    - I read (Arcserve doc) that I don't need to use GFS rotation for "append"?
    - Tape naming matter?

    PLEASE HELP - CA explanations don't quite give me enough info.