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Understanding pre-windows 2000 domain name

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  • Understanding pre-windows 2000 domain name

    I'm trying to understand how the who pre-windows 2000 fits in. We are running our AD in 2003 native mode, users can sign in using the [email protected] or username and selecting the pre domain name.

    When I add a user to a computer that's part of the domain and type in the as the domain and click ok the domain shows up in the user list as the pre yyz-nt domain name instead of the domain name.

    Can I remove this and how? A new application we setup connects to our ldap server and trys to query it using the users credentials unfortunately the credentials are being sent over as username and yyz-nt and it tries to query ldap with [email protected] which isn't going to work.

    Any information on this would be appreciated.