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Name of the map with the inlogname changes

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  • Name of the map with the inlogname changes

    Hallo everybody

    Sometimes changes the name of the map with the inlogname.
    For exemple:
    The inlogname is JanD. then the map with I mean get the name JanD, after some time the name JanD changes in the begin of a new cession into JanD.Domainname, and sometime into JanD.Domainname.000 and so on

    Why occures this, and more imported how is this to prevent ?

    With kindly regards
    J.D. Filarski

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    Re: Name of the map with the inlogname changes

    is this the profile folder name and is it from one computer to another? Or is it when a domain is rebuilt?


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      Re: Name of the map with the inlogname changes

      I've come across this now and again. I believe it is either windows updates, an improper shutdown or a combination of both (users shutting down the PC while updates are being applied). I may be wrong though.

      To fix a this on a PC browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\ Select the users profile and change the ProfileImagePath. (Remove the .xxxxxx that you don't want)
      If it happens again after changing the above the profile is corrupted and I'd create a new one from scratch for the user.

      Prevention.....I'd like to know myself. :/
      I don't know anything about (you or your) computers.
      Research/test for yourself when listening to free advice.


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        Re: Name of the map with the inlogname changes

        Is this take place on a Windows 2003 member server??
        This happens when a user profile is re-created, or same username but different local SIDs (changing the computer's role in the network can cause this)

        more about this:

        This is an expected behavior and nothing have to fixed afterwards.

        But just to be sure, look for the creation date of the new username folder, and check the eventviewer for events around that period.

        Is there a chance files and folders within JanD's personal folders are shared over the network?
        That perhaps could be causing problems too then when the system was not able to disengage when you logoff while files are still open(?)

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