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multilng.osc in RIS ?

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  • multilng.osc in RIS ?

    i am installing a remote installation server
    on a computer that also functions as a domain controler, a dhcp server and a dns server.. all for learning purposes ..

    i installed the service from the add/remove programs , and then i started risetup.exe . i followed the wizard and then i got the attached message, something about language mismatch ... the message pops up after i direct the wizard to the i386 on the xp+sp1 disc that i have ...

    based on an article i had found in microsoft KB i tried to rename the multilng.osc to welcome.osc in c:\windows\system32\reminst

    its needless to say that the solution mentioned didnwt help ..

    maybe someone have another solution ?

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    the message is :

    "language mismatch

    the language of this server does not match that of the client computer

    the screen provided with the remote installation services component are meant to be a guide to deployment. as such, the minimal number of screen solutions needed were suplied with the product for quick deployment of a single languahe bar.

    the workstation you have selected to install is of a different language than that of the server . this will require a language selection screen to be added in order for users to access the new image .

    the example multilng.osc is provided to show you how to make this screen . for more information see online help ....

    the xp+sp1 is in english and so is the 2003 .