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  • About DHCP Server

    Hi ,

    first of all i am not sure that is this a possible using a one DHCP server ..


    I am Having Windows 2003 SP1 installed - Active Directory Installed . Domain =

    Now i am having 100 Machine is 192.168.1.x series. and about 500 systems in 10.x.x.x series.

    Now can i configure my DHCP server as if any clients request 10.x.x.x series IP it will get it from that range and if a client request from 192.168.x.x series IP it will get it from this range ..someone told me this scenario is called rough DHCP setup. but i think this is not possible it so ?

    Please Help ...

    Kathy .

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    Re: About DHCP Server

    you are probably better off using vlans if you would like to do this. vlans need to be configured in your switches.
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      Re: About DHCP Server

      If all the clients are on the same subnet then I don't think it's possible unless you use vlan's as the previous poster mentioned. If the clients are on different subnets separated by a router then this is possible without using vlan's but you will need to configure the router as a dhcp relay agent. Maybe I'm going too far though, what is the reason you want to do this?
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