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Windows Server 2K3 user profile issue...

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  • Windows Server 2K3 user profile issue...

    Today I am noticing the strangest thing with regard to user profiles on a specific Windows Server 2003 running SQL.
    I am trying to delete my own user profile from this system. I log in as a resource account which has administrative privileges on the Server. In looking at the existing user profiles, the one representing my Domain user account appears in the list, shows as a size of around 70MB, but the "Delete" button is greyed out.
    I open a command prompt and run DELPROF /P and the utility iterates through all the user profiles except for the one I wish to delete.
    Would someone please enlighten me as to what is going on???
    Some additional info which may or may not be relevant: When I log in with my own Domain user account (has Domain Admin membership) which has administrative privileges on this Server, I get "unusual" behavior from the system: when I click the Start button, the application objects which usually appear in the left hand column are not displayed. If I right click on the My Computer object, a WS FTP Pro error message box pops up indicating the application was not installed correctly...I then click "Ok" and whatever applet I was trying to use then opens.
    Another example, if I go into Control Panel, my View used to be set to I am presented with the option to switch to Classic view, but when I click on the link to switch the view nothing happens! It will not revert to Classic view and remains in Category view. When I try to adjust my folder options settings, such as unhiding know file extension, displaying hidden files and folders etc., after I press "Apply" the settings are not preserved! In other words, I will set my options as I desire, and when I go back in to an Explorer window, it is as though I never changed the options...file extensions are not displayed, files and folders are hidden, etc.
    On the surface it would seem the Explorer shell is damaged but considering this is a production Server I am reluctant to fiddle with it.
    As I mentioned, this box is a Win2K3 Server SP2, with 16GB RAM.

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    Re: Windows Server 2K3 user profile issue...

    You will need to restart the server for your profile to be fully unloaded so that you may delete it.
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