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migrate nt4 to a new 2000 server

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  • migrate nt4 to a new 2000 server

    I have 1 NT4 sp4 pdc server in my company
    I would like to remove this server and to use a new win2000 server instead
    how can I config the new 2000 server A.D to take all the users account
    Security configuration (sid) and the that user will not get a new profile (desktop) when they log to the 2000server


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    Why don't u go upgrade option nt to 2003 server. If u do not want to upgraded, then go for the Active Directory migration tool. This will do the required job.



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      Follow these steps, this will be the safest way to upgrade your domain.

      1. Build a new NT4 Server as a BDC
      2. Service pack it to Sp6a
      3. Take the BDC off the domain and promote to a PDC
      4. Upgrade the new PDC to Windows 2003
      5. Dcpromo the server to upgrade the SAM to an AD directory (make such DNS is running on the server and that the server is looking at itself for DNS)
      6. Build your new Windows 2003 and join it to the offline updated AD domain
      7. Transfer the 5 server roles and move the global cat to the new Win2003 server
      8. Turn off the old PDC NT4 Server
      9. Connect the new Windows 2003 server - Job done!

      If it doesn't work then re-connect your old NT4 Server and that will still work with no problems to ensure your domain is still safe.

      Don't do an upgrade.... it's not a good idea trust me