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Installing WSUS on Domain controller

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  • Installing WSUS on Domain controller


    I have a member server serving as a file server and WSUS server. I recently upgraded that to Domain controller. After that WSUS stopped working in that server and it is giving some ASP.NET related errors. I searched in some forums and understood that we should not promote member servers with WSUS to a domain controller

    Now I have to make the WSUS functional with out any affect on Domain controller. Any one here can help me?

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    Re: Installing WSUS on Domain controller

    My best suggestion would be to move WSUS to a completely different server. AD and WSUS will not be very reliable, not to mention the amount of traffic to the server.
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      Re: Installing WSUS on Domain controller

      I agree with the above. Get a cheapo desktop if necessary, setup as a Memebr Server and install WSUS. Copy the updates to the appropriate location and then run a Synchronise. All the present updates should be added to the database without having to download them all again. Has work for me in the past.
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