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  • Printer problem

    Background Info

    Previously we had 1 server running windows 2003, this pretty much did everything (fileshare, print share, DC etc). We decided to demote this server and use it as a file/printer server. Bringing in a more powerful server to be the main DC. So we now have a total of 2 servers.

    The Problem

    We have about 8 network printers dotted around the school (mainly tallys), all connected to the file/print server. 7 of them work fine, its just this one printer. It keeps saying that its offline (if i right click on it, i only have the option to make it offline, so it appears as offline - offline). From anywhere in the network i can ping it, log into the control panel. the server can see it fine. If i restart the print spooler on the server, things will start to print. but as soon as the job is done, it goes to offline once again.
    Looking at the security for each printer, the 7 that work have the "server operators" permission. I cannot add this to the non working printer as it cannot find it. (think it may because the file/print server isnt the DC).

    I've also tried reinstalling the printer numerous times, I'm pretty much out of ideas now. So any help would be great.

    Many thanks!