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DNS Resolution from child to parent domains and vise versa.

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  • DNS Resolution from child to parent domains and vise versa.

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    Originally posted by p.a.sudhir
    I have a query with Windows 2000 DNS. I am a recent entrant into Active Directory technology and this is one particular issue that I am not much comfortable with.

    Suppose if I have a Windows 2000 multiple domain Active directory structure wherein my root domain happens to be say for example abc.local. This root domain is located in Europe. Now I have another two subdomains named and located in asia and USA respectively. Each of these domains r contained in a separate zone file and each has a DNS Server that is authoritative for that zone.

    Now my question is clients within each of these domains would have no issues resolving their names however when it comes to inter-domain name resolution how does the process work? In other words how do clients in communicate with clients in abc.local or Also if one needs to provide internet connectivity to these clients then how will the name resolution proceed?

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    Re: DNS Resolution from child to parent domains and vise versa.

    On a simplistic level they each ask each other and how that is done is configurable. The clients may have all three DNS servers in their DNS list with their local set up as primary DNS server. This is further configurable with the DNS suffix list.
    Or your clients might just ask one server which either has the information or will ask one of the other servers for it.
    How this is done will depend on your network.

    Might not be as indepth as you hoped but if you tell us what way you are configured then we can explain that instead of explaining all of DNS. =D
    Is it all Active Directory integrated? Are you using secondary zones or forwarders, stub zones maybe?
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