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MAC accessing Windows 2003 Server: ERROR

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  • MAC accessing Windows 2003 Server: ERROR

    When accessing a (standalone) Windows 2003 server share from MAC OSX 10 we receive the following error:

    You cannot copy some of these items to the destination because their names are too long or contain invalid characters for the destination.....
    I'm not familiar enough with MACS to have any special insight to this issue. My searches on Google mainly yielded information about bad disks on the MAC itself. Does anyone have experience with integrating MACS into the Windows environment that may be able to shed some light on this issue.


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    Re: MAC accessing Windows 2003 Server: ERROR

    The key to this used to be having SMB (now CIFS) installed.
    When it was SMB you would have added it in as a protocol in your network adapters. Now that it is CIFS I'm afraid I don't know, best I can tell it is installed as part of Client for Microsoft Networks.

    After that following these steps should help.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. Long time since I've done anything with MACs. :/
    I don't know anything about (you or your) computers.
    Research/test for yourself when listening to free advice.


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      Re: MAC accessing Windows 2003 Server: ERROR


      thanks for the response, I will test this Monday August 27th to see if it resolves the issues. I think the MAC is able to map to the server however; it receives errors when it attempts to copy files from it.

      I personally don't have alot of MAC experience or really any experience in integrating macs into a windows network, but it is going to be a necessary evil if we are going to push for adoption of Windows 2003 across the organization.


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        Re: MAC accessing Windows 2003 Server: ERROR

        I have seen these errors several times. It is a known issue with Mac OSX and Server 2003 AD. I recommend checking out a mac specific group for recommendations. Apple is constantly patching there software but there are frequently new things that break as far as windows networking and AD binding goes.


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          Re: MAC accessing Windows 2003 Server: ERROR

          Macs work really easily with AD servers.

          I am presuming the obvious:

          • that you have File Services for Macintosh running
          • that you have set the password protocol to Clear text or Encrypted.
          • That you set up shares correctly for Mac access
          • That you have adjusted the Domain Controller Security Policy and disabled "Digitally Sign Communications"

          All that needs to be done to test on the Mac is: Finder/Go/Connect To Server (click on the desktop and type Apple + K)


          I find it works more easily if you type the actual windows sharepoint eg: share$

          I run Applescripts or shell scripts to connect the Macs to their shares.

          Incidentally - MACS is rather confusing since it could mean an ethernet protocol. They are Apple computers, Macs or OS X