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Upgrading a broken Server 2000 OS to Server 2003

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  • Upgrading a broken Server 2000 OS to Server 2003

    I read the sticky and I still have some questions. I'm going to run the forest prep and domain prep.

    I have an instance of Server 2000 that is a DC running DNS and Active Directory. The OS seems to be broken and I don't really know what caused it. I'm finally able to upgrade to Server 2003.

    Now when I upgrade will the broken parts be fixed?

    Will AD and DNS carry over and already be set up, or will I have to redo them?

    This server also has Backup Exec on it doing 4 servers. Will I have to reinstall it?

    I'm really nervous since this is the first time I've done this and this server is our lifeline. If it's out we can't really do business.

    I was talking to someone and they said I should use Acronis and image the server as it site onto another server and if something goes wrong, image it back.

    The server is a Dell Poweredge 2600 with a RAID 1 and RAID 5

    What makes the OS broken is, when I pull up Add/Remove programs, all I get is the outline of the box and the radio button on the bottom right says "cl&ose". When I right click on My Computer and select "manage" I get a disk defrag MMC error. Some parts of the backup program have disappeared.

    Thanks for the help on my first post!

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    Re: Upgrading a broken Server 2000 OS to Server 2003

    I'm not sure what the general consensus here is...but personally I would not recommend attempting to "upgrade" a broken server to fix the problems on the server.

    The approach I would take is, backup the data and do a clean install of Server 2003.

    I don't think anyone can answer whether an upgrade will fix whatever is broken especially if you cannot identify what the problem is with the WIndows 2000 instance.
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      Re: Upgrading a broken Server 2000 OS to Server 2003

      Agreed, do not upgrade to try and fix it. It will only make it worse. Try SFC /scannow and see if that helps. Make sure you have ALL your data backed up BEFORE trying anything.
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        Re: Upgrading a broken Server 2000 OS to Server 2003

        You could do a Swing Migration to "replace" the broken server - as long as the AD is OK. Not sure by what you mean as Broken though.....

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