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Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

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  • Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

    If this is a completely stupid question, I apologise in advance, but i have just installed Server 2003 Standard, and I am stuck.

    Under XP, If I wanted to share a folder across an intranet, I would allow my userid (already set as Admin) full control in both Share and security permissions (no other users required).

    I did the same in Server and the Share is not found on the client computer. However, the share is visible from the host computer.

    I'm sure it's possibly a very easy answer, but I do not have it.

    Can someone advise please?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

    How are you connecting to the server?

    You should be accessing it via the following "\\servername" This should list all "visible" shares on the server.

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      Re: Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

      Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

      the Server name is SGBDD163600, the share is INETPUB and I am typing \\sgbdd163600\inetpub\.

      When I type this from the Host, I can see the share, however, I cannot see it on the Client?



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        Re: Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

        I may be a little confused here but...

        On Server folder, in Sharing... set "Share this folder", change the name of the share if you want (for me it gets confusing to alter the folder name). By default Everyone should be able to see the folder when you browse to the server.

        Test the share first. Once you know you can see the folder, go back and add/remove people in Permissions as needed.

        If you've disabled Inherited Permissions under security, you will need to add each user to the Security in each subfolder as well.


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          Re: Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

          I have actually went as far as setting everyone with full access rights to see if my login was incorrect.

          This may be part of the answer, but I don't think there is an Active Directory setup (no idea how to do it). Is this required to allow access to the share?


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            Re: Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

            If no AD then you will need User Accounts on the target machine (the one with the SHARE) that are the same as being used on the XP client machines.
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              Re: Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

              This sounds almost like a firewall issue, you may want to make sure the windows firewall isn't running or that it has the proper exceptions.

              secondly, is the server on a domain or a workgroup?
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                Re: Server 2003 - Shared Folders (Newbie)

                It sounds more like a permissions issue to me. It also seems like you have built a workgroup instead of a domain (no 3rd line to choose at logon?).
                In that case there is little point - usually - in buying a server if you do not set up an Active Directory Domain.

                Search for DCPromo and you should get a lot of good info.

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