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reinstall file server HD switch?

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  • reinstall file server HD switch?

    Greetings.... great site!

    I have a file server local that has run into several issues at once due to policy change, power surge meeting at the same time. This is a very important server for a private school which has many delicate files on it. There is no connectivity to the DC, or internet (obviously). It has a corrupted MMC and installer and there may be some hardware issues as well... but... the HD's are intact. It can't get a backup from the DC. I think reinstall...?

    To reinstall the w2k3 standard, will it be safe and effective to take out the sensitive hard drive which has the operating system, put in a new hard drive, format and install the OS and programs on it, connect to the old DC, update security and OS, then put the old hd back in with the new one and move back the personal files?

    The hd's are scsi with raid controllers.


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    Re: reinstall file server HD switch?

    it isn't ideal but if you aren't left with any other alternatives it's one approach you might take. I wonder is the machine running RAID?

    RAID is certainly going to complicate things in this situation.

    Personally I'd find a way of getting a backup of the data before you begin moving things around, reinstalling etc.


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      Re: reinstall file server HD switch?

      Thanks for the come back!

      Yeah that's what I thought... I'm not sure I do have options other than editing the GPO by hand If I can isolate that exact issue.... who knows.

      Maybe I could get some advice on the raid issues. It's not that familiar to me. I'm a volunteer tech at this school. I have expert knowledge in some technical computer areas and just a learner in others.



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        Re: reinstall file server HD switch?

        I guess I'm also a little confused about your situation to some extent.

        You mention that you have a file server that houses important files but has problems. You also state that it does not have connectivity to the DC or internet. You finish by saying "It can't get a backup from the DC".

        Sorry but I don't understand how this all fits together.

        Personally the way that I would approach this is, if you don't already have a backup of the IMPORTANT DATA, which I define as the things that cannot be easily recreated by installation (i.e. documents, spreadsheets, databases, undocumented key settings etc.), you will want to make it a priority to develop a plan of getting these items off of the server before messing with anything else.

        If you attempt to re-install and leave the files/folders intact, there is a possibility of overwriting them. I've come across a few instances where Windows will try to install to a drive other than C:\ and I never looked into it further. But a slip such as this would render the data useless and people would be unhappy.

        If the machine has network connectivity and you have the disk capacity in another machine, one idea would be to copy the files/folders to another box, make a hard backup in the process and document the security settings. Not exactly the sweetest way of handling it but a suggestion.

        Once you have a backup, then go ahead and reinstall the system. You may end up lucking out and you may not need the backup you made...

        I suspect at the very least you're going to end up having to reset security on your files and folders though....this is just my guess because the current files/folders have security rights associated with either your domain or the INSTANCE of the local machine. Once you reload that machine, those security permissions are foreign to the new box.

        I'm not sure if joining the box to the domain would solve the security permissions on the files or if you will have to go in and manually reset them. I hope maybe someone else who has encountered this can speak to it.


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          Re: reinstall file server HD switch?

          My idea was to remove the existing hard drives from the file server, completely. Put in 1 new drive, install server 2003 sp1 (which is the same as before) from scratch, onto the new drive, then configure to connect to the original DC, put back the old drives and pass over the needed data.

          Will it work within a reasonable doubt?



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            Re: reinstall file server HD switch?

            as long as the drives you are removing are not a part of a raid set you should be good to go.

            If they are part of a raid set, you could run into problems.

            I know that it is possible to transfer RAID disks in a complete set to another raid card, IF you keep the configuration the same and do not initialize the drives. Keep the drives in exact order.

            The thing I'm a little fuzzy on is whether or not it is possible to move a RAID set to different scsi ID's or channels. Theoretically I don't see where it would be a problem if you setup the config the same way, but I cannot speak from experience on this.

            hope this helps bro and good luck.


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              Re: reinstall file server HD switch?

              Also look at putting a UPS on the server so a power surge isn't going to do squiddly to the hardware. Also allows for a clean shutdown if you get a total outage. RAIDs don't like dirty shutdowns.
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