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Empty "Programs List" after Start Menu Folder Re-Direction

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  • Empty "Programs List" after Start Menu Folder Re-Direction

    We are using Folder redirection so we can have a standard Start Menu across the company.

    We are using this so we can redirect the folder to a local site server for each office.

    The folder redirection is working fine.

    However on some PCs we are getting the following error, when you click on Start Button - Programs there is nothing in it. It just comes up saying <EMPTY>.

    There is an error in the event viewer on the PC that states the following:

    "Failed to perform redirection of folder Programs. The new directories for the redirected folder could not be created. The folder is configured to be redirected to <\\SERVER1\Netlogon\Desktop\StartMen\Programs>, the final expanded path was <\\SERVER1\Netlogon\Desktop\StartMen\Programs>. The following error occurred:
    Access is denied. "

    Now I am not trying to redirect the Programs folder. so why is this message appearing.

    I have searched for info on this but have so far come up blank.
    Any pointers anyone can give me would be most helpful.


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    Re: Empty &quot;Programs List&quot; after Start Menu Folder Re-Direction

    Access Denied means that the relevant user has no permissions to that directory on the server, usually. Go to the server and check Effective Permissions.

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      Re: Empty &quot;Programs List&quot; after Start Menu Folder Re-Direction

      The users have READ ONLY access to the location where the common Start Menu is pulled from. The Start Menu is pulled from there quite happily and works fine.

      The problem lies in the fact it is trying to redirect the "Programs" folder there. Despite the fact we are not trying to redirect this folder.

      The location "\\SERVER1\Netlogon\Desktop\StartMen\Programs" does not exist. As we do not have a standard Programs folder for everyone.

      This leads to the Programs list showing as Empty on the affected PCs.
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