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Windows 2003 server

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  • Windows 2003 server

    Hi friends.
    I'm new to windows 2003 server.
    Recently I had installed windows 2003 server and configured it as DNS DHCP and DC.
    the domain name was -> and NetBios Name was - > server
    i tried joining one of the client (XP) to join DC by giving domain ->
    but it said that the domain was unavailable then i tried giving the netbios name server and it joined to domain happily.
    My question here is why such situation arises ?
    All other clients can join using the domain name -> not the netbios name.
    and i would be glad if anybody could clarify what is the proper way of joining a client to join a DC by giving the domain name -> or the netbios name ->server.
    Thankyou in advance
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    Re: Windows 2003 server

    Sounds like was not getting resolved by DNS. Did you try to ping to see if DNS was correctly configured?

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      Re: Windows 2003 server

      Thanks teiger
      I don't think it's DNS name resolving problem since other client on network can join DC using "SERVER.COM"


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        Re: Windows 2003 server

        Try turning off the Windows Firewall.


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          Re: Windows 2003 server

          check XP for domain resolving
          >nslookup and >nslookup
          With best regards, Victor


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            Re: Windows 2003 server

            Yes the Firewall is off
            and nslookup and nslookup won't work either from this xp client.
            But from all other clients it's okay.
            I guess the problem lies within the client xp.
            any idea how to fix it.


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              Re: Windows 2003 server

              check TCP/IP settings - compare with any other XP client
              With best regards, Victor