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Cannot reset user's passwords through AD

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  • Cannot reset user's passwords through AD

    Our environment has 3 DC's

    Server 1 Windows 2000
    Server 2 Windows 2003
    Server 3 Windows 2003 SP2

    Server 1 has been here since the beginning, I eventually added server 2 and 3 within in year because I plan to eventually demote Server 1 and get rid of it. These servers have been running together for a while, and I have been slowly mirgrating to Server 3 (which will eventually replace Server 1)

    Today I logon to Server 3 and try resetting a users password through the AD Users and Groups MMC and I receieve this error:

    "Windows cannot complete the password change for (user) because:
    the network path was not found

    I can only reset a user's password by logging on Server 1's AD Users and Group MMC. Server 2 and 3 will not work, I tried googling and looking on MS's site but didnt find anything useful.

    The only thing I can think of is it has to do with the FSMO roles specifically the PDC Emulator. I moved the FSMO roles from Server 1 to Server 3 since I will be demoting it soon, all 5 roles have been transfered and I double checked them with ntdsutil.

    Any ideas?



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    Re: Cannot reset user's passwords through AD

    Have you tried running netdiag and dcdiag from the windows 2003 support tools to see if either report any error messages?

    Are there any error messages in the eventlogs on Server3?

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      Re: Cannot reset user's passwords through AD

      and double check with the PDC master role functionality