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FTP transfer very slow

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  • FTP transfer very slow

    Hello all, I will try and explain everything as good as possible.

    FTP was created on the Windows 2003 R2 x64 SP2 with no problems.

    Script being used is the following.

    ftp -n -s:download.ftp

    file download.ftp script

    recv file file
    The connection is a VPN T1 line behind the firewall, they do not have access to outside world either.

    FTP connection from a remote site to the server works fine, but when the file transfer starts it is way too slow, i even looked at the performance of the NIC and it was less than 10%. I tried using IE for the FTP and the file transfer rate was less than 5kb.

    Now using PCAnywhere in order to transfer the file it went perfect, as max as the line allows too. 24MB took 2:30min. which is fine. So now we know that it is not a communication problem.

    I have tried everything, I even disable the AV on the server to see if maybe that was making the FTP slow, but had no luck there either.

    Any help will be so appreciated. Honestly I have looked all over and did not find anything

    Thank you once again

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    Re: FTP transfer very slow

    are you using IPv6?

    File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) services are not supported. IPv6 is supported only for the WWW service. The FTP, SMTP, and NNTP services do not have IPv6 support in IIS 6.0.
    after that, what type of firewall are you using? do you happen to know if it is a scanning and shaping capable firewall? i had some FTP trouble from scanning of 21 traffic by the fw...

    the PCanywhere transfer isnt FTP though, is it? its TCP on 22 fer older versions, i dunno for the newer ones.

    can you try to copy the files with xcopy and make sure explorer is closed? im going off this:

    post back with some results...
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      Re: FTP transfer very slow

      This is the network structure.

      DSL -> Cisco Pix 515e Firewall (Yes i know its old) -> Dell Powerconnect 2724

      inside the network I have the VPN router, which does not go by the firewall.

      I mentioned PCAnywhere, because I use it sometimes to transfer files to the remote locations, so I used this in order to establish that the communication is ok to the stores yesterday.

      As far as the link you supplied, I read it and did not help.

      The file is a 24MB file in a zip format. It gets downloaded at night from the remote sites.

      Just did a test. Via my PC connected to the network, i did the FTP and I transfered the file in seconds 1GBit network. So it seems to work ok.

      Problem is for the remote sites. might have to call the VPN provider and see if they are doing something on port 21.


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        Re: FTP transfer very slow

        oh.. ok. so your saying the problem is only when the FTP goes outbound... alright.

        i would think that your computers and installs are fine, but maybe that the firewall is scanning all the port 21 traffic, which is common out the box configs for many. the company may also have some AV harware appliance, which i expect you wont see, as they are run transparently more often than not. you wont see the hop, just a latency...

        do a tracert to the address on 21 and -d (do not resolve) and see if you get a hang behind the ISPs link, but before your network... you dig?
        its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
        Give karma where karma is due...


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          Re: FTP transfer very slow

          Well, it all turned out to be the MTU at the sites!

          Some had it set at 1500 instead at 1492 like it should be...who would have thought!

          But thanx for all the help.