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DNS installation and zone names

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  • DNS installation and zone names

    This is my first post to this forum so go easy on me.

    I operate a Windows 2000 server that hosts a few websites for friends and acquaintances as well as I have a small LAN with 3 computers. My network consists of a DSL line and a wireless Linksys router that port forwards to my server. I have 2 XP machines in addition to the server. I don't run DHCP on my server all my computers have physical IP's.

    I am flying solo and don't have a degree in computer science so I really don't have anyone to "show/teach" me the correct way to implement a webserver. Hence, why I think I've got some type of DNS issue.

    I believe that when I setup my server that I set up the DNS incorrectly? Is it possible for DNS to partially work? Although I have been able to hosts my sites historically, recently I added a new domain and have had nothing but troubles trying to get the mail to resolve ( It was setup exactly like my other domains but when do a test from "" I get MX record issues and TraceRoute doesn't terminate at my server?

    So, after finding this site which by the way is awesome! and has superb information I've decided to rebuild or reinstall my DNS from the ground up and seriously try to understand the How's and Why's. I've read what I could about installing the DNS and have a few questions or could use some guidance.

    In Daniels topic "How do Install and configure a new Windows 200 DNS Server.." I'm a little confused by this statement: "Note: If you name the zone "com" we will believe that we are authoritative for the "com" domain and never forward any requests that we can not answer out to the real "com" domain servers. The same would be true if you named it "", you would never use your forwarder to resolve requests from the real "" servers. "

    The above statement confuses me. I've registered the domain name "" and have used that as the premise for establishing my DNS and webserver. My FQDN is which I think is incorrect I think it should have been something shorter but If I recall I ran into problems and that worked. Does anyone have a suggestion for a FQDN? , maybe

    My DNS doesn't even appear to look right when I look at in the DNS snap-in. I think I understand how DNS works logically from "root" to "com" to "WebAJM" but I don't think my DNS looks logically correct.

    I'm sorry to ramble on but I've tried to give as much info as I could so someone could get an idea of how my system is setup and maybe help me along.

    Please let me know if I've missed something.

    T.I.A for your assistance.


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    Doesn't anyone have any ideas or thoughts?