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Read the Sticky for 2000 to 2003 but would like to try a different approach

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  • Read the Sticky for 2000 to 2003 but would like to try a different approach

    I've got a Win2K Domain that's little long in the tooth and I have a feeling that there may be a few problems should I upgrade it to a 2K3 domain.

    So, I'd like to give it a go, however I don't want to have to waste an entire weekend restoring the domain should it go wrong.

    So I've devised a different way to try it. Could anyone have a read and lert me know if it'll work or not?

    Our domain currently has two DC's (DC1 & DC2)

    Move all FSMO roles to DC2
    Disconnect DC1 from the network
    Run Forest Prep and DC Prep on DC1
    Check to see if it looks OK
    On a private network with DC1, add a new Win 2K3 server
    Run DCPromo on new 2k3 server, wait for replication to occur.
    Check that it's all OK
    If OK reconnect new 2K3 server and DC1 to main network and allow new schema to replicate to DC2.
    If Not OK, reinstall DC1 using old domain still in place on DC2 and Tell my Boss that we need to make a new Domain ()
    Job Done

    The only problem I can see with this plan is the fact that DC1 wont have any access to DC2 and the FSMO roles in place on it during the upgrade.

    Any thought on how I can retain the old domain should the upgrade go pear shaped?



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    Re: Read the Sticky for 2000 to 2003 but would like to try a different approach

    I dont think this will work / or is a good idea.

    When running a DCPROMO the server will need to talk to the Domain Naming master FSMO role which will be on DC2 and thus will not be able to connect as there on different networks. You will also encounter numerous error with replication as it will be unable to find DC2.

    TBH i think your best off following the normall process for upgrading from 2000 to 2003. Everyone seems to go this way (Or create a new domain and migrate all objects across)

    Hope this helps

    Michael Armstrong
    MCITP: EA, MCTS, MCSE 2003, MCSA 2003: Messaging, CCA, VCP 3.5, 4, 5, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA, ITIL, MCP, PGP Certified Technician

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