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C:\ partition size on 2003 Server

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  • C:\ partition size on 2003 Server

    I am getting in a new 2003 Server this week. It's basically a 2003 Server with Exchange 2003.

    It will have 300GB of HD space - what should I set the C:\ partition for? Right now I'm using about 8GB of my 15GB partition - 7GB Free.

    Does MS recommend a certain size?

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    Re: C:\ partition size on 2003 Server

    Take a look at Microsoft Site for Server 2k3 System Requirements.

    According to that you should be fine with 5Gb but you won't have any space for updates, apps, etc. I usually create at least a 20-30Gb Partition for the OS. That way I know I have room for updates and future OS upgrades. Since you are going to be using Exchange, I would also recommend keeping Exchange on it's own partition with nothing else.
    Hope this helps.


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      Re: C:\ partition size on 2003 Server

      I would install Exchange on the C: drive, but I would have the Database and Logs on different PHYSICAL drives to each other and the OS...

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