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Slow network browse and slow group policy MMC

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  • Slow network browse and slow group policy MMC

    I have just upgraded a relatively small Windows 2000 domain to Windows 2003. I transferred all of the roles to the Windows 2003 domain controllers, but I have left the Windows 2000 DCs operating until I have everything transferred over to the new servers. I configured DNS the same way on the two new DCs as they were on the old 2000 DCs as well as DHCP. My network browsing is slow (i.e. through My Network Places), taking about 25 seconds to refresh each time, but this only happens on one server, which is the global catalog server, the schema master, and the domain role owner. The other Windows 2003 DC has the roles of PDC emulator, RID master, and Infrstructure Owner. Also, on any computer other than the Windows 2003 server that is the PDC emulator, browsing group policy is slow. I thought that DNS migth be the problem, but I am not sure and I need to get this fixed in the next few days so I can move on to other things. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.