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connection over the internet to my home pc ??

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  • connection over the internet to my home pc ??

    Hi all,

    1st of all; great site !
    I want to ask you something.
    Im connected with a flatrate getting DHCP from the Provider.
    I got a belkin router for connecting the clients wireless to the internet.
    I want to use the onboard XP tools for a connection from anywhere in the internet
    to my home PC.
    Ive installed already Remotedesktop on all the clients in the homenetwork. Its working
    fine accept the XP Home Editions for these i use VNC !!
    What do i have to setup for getting this small VPN runnning on my home computer ?
    How do i setup the router, that this machine were talking about could be seen on the internet ?
    NAT or DMZ or something like it, right ?
    Ive installed the IIS on the XP machine, but i dont know exactly how does it work?

    Thanks in advance !!
    Hope youve got time to answer me all these questions

    Kind Regards

    Niels Wilhelm
    68542 Heddesheim
    Tel: 06203/494303
    Fax: 06203/494304
    Mobil: 0163/6354427
    @: [email protected]