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Joining domain automatically w/RIS

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  • Joining domain automatically w/RIS

    To All,

    Sure you guys are tired of RIS Qs and I know this is a novice question, but i do not have the time to research it now. The situation is: All computers that will retrieve an image from the RIS have a computer account prestaged. I want for the computers when finished installing the OS, to join the domain automatically. I briefly looked through the Remote Install tab on the RIS server, and also conducted a SetupMgr.exe run, but do no see the option. I have not looked in the answer file.........please inform me of how i can accomplish this.......thanks in advance.

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    Re: Joining domain automatically w/RIS

    NETDOM lets you join a domain from the command line
    USe dsmove to move the computer to the appropraite OU.