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web site won't work

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  • web site won't work

    I have a server with 2003 and exchange running on it. The default web site seems to be serving OWA as this all works, however i also want to run a web site from the server without messing with the default web site.

    Ive created a new site and put the files into a folder and pointed the site to them etc.. there is a host record with my isp etc..

    when i go to the URL the web site is saying Under construction as it did before. what do i need to do to get it to work. permissions are all full control till i get it working.

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    Ive messed about with it and now all I get is http 401 error which is permissions. the site/folder has annonymous access to read execute etc.. and all child objects are the same.


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      fixed almost!

      It was a permissions problem if anyone was interested, I had the site in my doc's which had rights only for me and so the web site had inherrited those permissions.

      Other PC's can access it but I can't get to the site on the DC where the site is, if I miss out www then the site is shown but any moving objects don't show-