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switch from workgroup to a network domain

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  • switch from workgroup to a network domain

    I'm working on switching all PC's at my place of work from a workgroup to a network domain (win 2000). All of the details of the domain have been set up and are working ok. To convert a PC, I change the DNS IP address on each PC the new domain server IP. Next the PC is changed from a member of a workgroup to the domain name, I log in as administrator to join the PC to the domain and restart the PC when prompted. Next, I log on as the primary user to the domain to establish the user's domain profile. In order to preserve the user's original workgroup desktop settings, I log off, log back on as administrator, go to control panel, users and passwords, highlight the original users profile (the pc name group) and copy that profile to the user domain profile previously created. Everything copies fine, but in order for all original user settings to be preserved (ex. wallpaper settings, display logoff etc.) the user has to be left as an administrator or selected settings do not work. I want the user to be a member of the power user group instead of an administrator, Is there a registry setting that needs changed? I found this to be the easiest way to convert a pc from a workgroup to a domain, but I don't want everyone to be an administrator! Any thoughts?