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Name Server / DNS help needed

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  • Name Server / DNS help needed

    Hello all,

    I am in massive need of guidance here.
    I recently had a problem dumped into my lap that I've found to be a bit over whelming.

    The company I work for has a server running Win2003 Web Server
    The owner wants to have all his sites (about 6) hosting on this box and off the service he has now.

    I've set up (after many hours of trial and error) a 2000 server last year and had it working but the person who helped me had a weird way I KNOW wasn't right for setting up multi sites and making them work. Anyways... I have been searching the net for some step by step instructions on how to set this up and have more than one site hosted but not found anything I understood really. I understand this would be a HUGE amount to explain in a forum so I'm mainly asking if any of you guys know where to find any information that is easy to understand?

    So far I've got the name servers registered NS1 and NS2 to the IP address to the server and I've been playing with the DNS but nothing is coming up in IE when I got to the one site I've set up to "Test". Going to Altavista/Babelfish and doing a translate the sites page WILL come up tho.

    Also on a side note: when I launch nslookup it is coming up with the Default Server MAIL.MYDOMAIN.COM.COM and the IP. I've looked and looked and cannot find with this error in setup is. I assumed it should just be MYDOMAIN.COM without the mail or double .COM

    Any help would be most appeciated!

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    Does each site has a dedicated IP ?

    I also do not quite follow your comment about DNS. Who is manging the DNS ? What are you trying to achieve ?
    Could you give some kind of example and tell what exacly you have already done ?

    Regardin setting up virtual servers in IIS, take a look at the following link:;en-us;816576
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      As of right now there are 4 sites. Each is hosting somewhere else.
      I have a block of 5 static IP's with the first in the block going to the server and the NS1/ pointing to that same IP.

      I have DNS installed on the server and it is resolving the default web site but each of the otehr sites I've added it wants me to use different ports
      Default is:80
      Site 2: 81
      Site 3: 82


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        Ok, I have it partly working.

        The name servers are pointing to my single IP. I have the default site coming up on port:80

        How would I add more sites? If I add one and put it on a differnt port it doesnt come up.


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          Ok, nevermind, figured it out on my own. Thanks for tryin.