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DHCP + DNS issues

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  • DHCP + DNS issues

    I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered. I set up DHCP on a DNS server and DHCP set up an internal IP for the server (whatever that means). When DNS updates, though, it adds an entry for the server with the internal IP; this causes clients trying to lookup the server name to sometimes be redirected to the internal IP and the redirection fails.

    What is the internal IP used for? Why is it a necessary part of DHCP? Can I change it?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: DHCP + DNS issues

    Could it have something to do with the fact that the server is set up to be a VPN server also?


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      Re: DHCP + DNS issues

      Uncheck register this connection`s address in DNS from TCP/IP Properties of Internal NIC.
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        Re: DHCP + DNS issues

        There is no internal NIC. There's only one NIC enabled. I'm really confused as to how it got there :S

        edit: it appears as though the DHCP server leased about 10 IP addresses for the server, for 'RAS'. This is for the VPN server?
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          Re: DHCP + DNS issues

          I'm completely lost with your expalanation.

          From what i can gather you have a server with a single NIC card installed. Correct??

          On this server you have used an internal IP address as the IP address for the server. Correct??

          Now your wondering why clients connect to the server on its IP address. Correct??

          If you only have one NIC installed then it can only connect to that IP address.

          Or do you mean you need to connect tothe company website that is hosted on an external web server??

          If that is yes then you need to add an 'A' record to DNS that points to www.

          But if not hten more info is needed.