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W2k Domain Controller 'loses it's role'

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  • W2k Domain Controller 'loses it's role'

    Hi all,

    I help support a site that has a single server running all the normal roles (DC, DHCP, DNS). It also runs a bespoke application. Three times since Easter I have had the following isues:-

    1. Clients cannot log on
    2. If clients are logged on but exit the application they cannot reconnect to it
    3. Clients cannot connect to any shares on the server
    4. I can connect via VNC to the server but cannot open the services console

    Any clients that are connected when this issue happens and are using the bespoke application can continue as normal. A reboot fixes the issue.

    HP claimed it was a Network Issue and replaced the motherboard after the second occasion, however it happened again this weekend. Looking through the event viewer logs highlights the following:-

    1. (System) - The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty [2019] - This could be a memory leak so I am going to run poolmon.exe

    2. (Application) - Unable to open the Disk performance object. Status code returned is data DWORD 0 [1000]

    3. (Application) - The Open Procedure for service "PerfDisk" in DLL "C:\WINNT\System32\perfdisk.dll" failed. Performance data for this service will not be available. Status code returned is data DWORD 0 [1008]

    I have a feeling that errors 2&3 are symptoms rather than causes.

    I have checked the Hard Drives and they appear as Healthy and have plenty of space left. The only other issue is that a machine keeps forcing an election but this happens every 4 hours and the problem 'only' three times since Easter.

    Any ideas?



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    Re: W2k Domain Controller 'loses it's role'

    Just to add - When I say that 'a reboot solves the issue' it is a reboot of the server not the clients.


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      Re: W2k Domain Controller 'loses it's role'

      Question for you:

      1. what happened when if bespoke solution is not there?
      2. since eastern, it happened only 3 times. Have you check the security flow. It seemed that memory might be flushed out or bespoked solution created bottleneck. simply check the process running percentage.
      3. How many system connect to that server? As it is a single server, how may clients connected to the server? How many client has bespoke solution install which connect to the server.
      4. Check the peak hour and see if there is a certain time that causes the problem. You already know where to look for.

      Hope this might help.



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        Re: W2k Domain Controller 'loses it's role'

        Hi DIT_Crash_Burn

        Thanks for your reply.

        It may seem strange but I turned off the browsing role on the PC that was forcing the election and this appeared to fix the issue. However yesterday another PC started forcing regular elections and the same issue occurred again today.

        Now this could be coincidence but I does seem to point to the election as being the cause of the issue. If this is the case the question is 'why are these elections being called?'

        We have the same setup on over 40 sites and this issue hasn't occurred anywhere.

        Any ideas?



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          Re: W2k Domain Controller 'loses it's role'

          take a look here , maybe will help


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            Re: W2k Domain Controller 'loses it's role'

            Did you run poolmon that time?
            Event ID 2019 and 2020 troubleshooting might help if not.
            I don't know anything about (you or your) computers.
            Research/test for yourself when listening to free advice.