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Migrating from Linux/Samba DC to Windows 2003

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  • Myrth
    started a topic Migrating from Linux/Samba DC to Windows 2003

    Migrating from Linux/Samba DC to Windows 2003

    Hi, I'm trying to migrate with least pain samba/linux based domain controller/file server to windows 2003, including moving Users/Groups/Files/Permissions same as they were on original drive.

    I've looked around, found SFU, addusers, usrtogrp utilities.. But it looks like i'll have to reassign permissions for dirs/files manually...

    Is it even possible to make it clean transition?
    Anyone with any experience on it?
    Please help...

  • guyt
    Have never tried that and I am totally not sure Samba has all the needed API implemented, but you might give a try to:

    1) Setup W2K3 AD
    2) Create a two-way downlevel trust between the Samba and W2K3 domains.
    3) Disable SID filtering on the W2K3 side
    4) Use ADMT to perform domain migration as if Samba domain is NT domain.

    Daniel's ADMT article might give you a good jumpstart:

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