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Unable to login to windows 2003 server

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  • Unable to login to windows 2003 server

    Hi everyone. New to the forum, so please excuse any mistakes I might make.

    Anyway, my problem is that we have a 2003 server which had been running for a while. Recently we decided to clone the server and as I have done many times before in XP machines I ran sysprep. After running Sysprep and server shutdown and I ghosted the machine. Now, the problem I ran in to was after the server came back up. As usual it prompted for the usual stuff and I entered the information as I was prompted for. Everything seems to go fine until the server rebooted. Now when I enter the administrator password it kicks me back out, meaning I'm back to the login prompt. I have other accounts created in the machine and everyone does the same thing. I tried going into safe mode and the same thing happen there. I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before and I you have, I can certainly use your advice. In advance thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Unable to login to windows 2003 server

    Is this server a DC or member server?

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      Re: Unable to login to windows 2003 server

      No, Just plain 2003 server. Nothing else is running.


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        Re: Unable to login to windows 2003 server

        The administrator account you were trying to use to login, it is the domain or the local one?

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          Re: Unable to login to windows 2003 server

          I've seen something similar on Windows 2000. Try using a blank password for the local admin account and log onto the local machine instead of the domain. If that doesn't work try using the very first local admin password ever set on this server if you have that info available.


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            Re: Unable to login to windows 2003 server

            Hi friends,

            I have experienced the same sort problem with my windows 2003 server anhd at last i found a fix for that. Here is the registry key to be modified to get rid of this problem

            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Wi nlogon Change the value of UserInit value in the right hand pane to C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe, (dont even forget to add the comma). restart your machine. Hope this will fixup ur problem

            Radha Kanth