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Network Neighobor Problem. Please help me....

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  • Network Neighobor Problem. Please help me....

    I have problem of not seeing all network neighbors. First, let me describe my home network. I have 3 computers - K7S5A (server 2003 as DC,DHCP,DNS), GA7N400L (XP SP2 firewall off), P4B533 (XP SP2 firewall off). K7S5A connects to ADSL Modem by demand dial interface with NAT (no firewall). The other NIC connects to a 1000M switch. P4B533 and GA7N400L connects to the switch only, and they both join the domain with its NetBIOS name. In P4B533, I can see K7S5A and P4B533 (myself) only. In GA7N400L, the network neighbor is empty. In K7S5A, I can see P4B533 and K7S5A (myself). The situation will change sometimes!! I have tried to restart the K7S5A or install WINS, but it doesn't help at all. I've checked the DNS, it has all three computers on the list. Every computer has NetBIOS over TCP/IP turned on (default). Besides, if I ping other computers, they respond successfully. I can even map network drives without problem. What's the correct way to set up a network so that everybody can see each other. Is there anyone who can help me? Thanks!

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    sounds like something blocking it , are they all assigned the dns server address? has the server got it's firewall on? are they all singing of the same subnet? is the switch managed and set to block anything?


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      The settings should be all correct

      The 2 XPs are assigned for the DNS by DHCP. There is no firewall on the server. They are on the same subnet since DNS has only one region. The switch is a non-managed switch, so it will forward any packets. It was fine in the past, but it is not working good nowadays. All I remembered is that I lower the dynamic update time period in DNS and DHCP. Is this the real problem? (I've changed them back)